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Brimstone Valley Mall

Mar 20, 2020

Nothing says “one way ticket to Hell” quite like the food court delicacies from Port Authority Bus Terminal. Once onboard, Asmoraius and Misroch come up with a “plan.”

Written, Directed and Produced by Kristen DiMercurio. Co-written by Talia Rochmann and Mark Wolf Roberts. Production Consulting by Julia Schifini. Executive Produced by Mischa Stanton. Sound designed by Jared Paul. Recorded by Jared Paul and James Schoen. Music by Juliana Parker.

Featuring Elliot Gindi as Misroch, Susannah Wilson as Belzagor, Mark Wolf Roberts as Asmoraius, Isa Braun as Xaphan, Sheldon Brown as Hornblas, and Kristen DiMercurio as Bus Terminal Announcements. Additional voices Jake Masters

Theme music by FM Buller.

Show art by Talia Rochmann.

A Product of the Whisperforge: Sound & Story, Brought to Life